Alonia is the first Romanian messenger with features full online communication. Alonia’s Messenger is very useful because you can both communicate with all friends who have account here, but also with those from Yahoo, Google Chat, MSN and AIM. Alonia’s Messenger can be used as the telephone. This service allows users to communicate by telephone or video. They can communicate in real time text, pictures can change or read the fresh information. Isn’t it great?

Until now, the Country of Hello tight 62,000 users and 42,000 unique addresses e-mail and 2,000 clients PC to Phone, which are basically those who buy credit. “Initially, we expect to have so many users in the short term. What we proposed was that the Romanians to be able to connect to our services and the country and abroad, supports the Director of Media Development Village.”

The idea of launching the Alonia brand, and his name, he even comes from Roxana Patrascu. “I turned to a game of words made by combining his words with Romania Hello. We chose to launch this brand because we have an infrastructure, a central telephone node, and other resources and know-how.

But I personally believe it’s not the most efficient messenger and I as understand it is an expensive one. So, I do think Yahoo Messenger it’s the best! What do think about that? I aspect some opinions from you! Thanks

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