The great pyramids

The first pyramid was built as the burial place of King Djoser in c.2630 B.C., by his gifted architect Imhotep. It rose in six stages and is called the Step Pyramid. It was supposed to represent a gigantic stairway for yhe king to climb to join the sun-god in the sky. Some later kings had step pyramids too, but in the region of King Sneferu the true pyramid with sloping sides developed. The idea of this pyramid was to create the mound that had emerged out of the watery ground at the beginning of time, on which the sun-god stood and brought the other gods and goddesses into being. The largest pyramid of all is the Great Pyramid at Giza, built for King Khufu in c. 2528 B.C. The pyramids were intended to protect the bodies of the pharaohs buried deep inside them. Later pyramids contained inscriptions of spells to help the pharaoh in the afterlife. Doors of granite and false passages were constructed to deter robbers who came in pursuit of the rich offerings buried with the kings. But by c.1000 B.C. all the pyramids had been robbed of their precious contents.pyramidpyramids pyramids


Malware City

The term “malware” stands for malicious software, and usually defines a broad range of intrusive, hostile software applications. Although there are multiple pieces of software that can harm your computer because they are poorly written or allow easy access to the users’ systems, the term only covers software that has been deliberately designed to disrupt the normal computing activity . Therefore, buggy applications are not malware, since their security faults have not been implemented on purpose.
Malware is an umbrella-term that covers a broad range of harmful (or potentially harmful) software applications, such as viruses, worms, backdoors, Trojans, keyloggers, password stealers, script viruses, rootkits, macro viruses, spyware or even adware. While in the IT industry’s early days threats were labelled as either viruses or Trojan horses, the rapid escalation of technology called for a general term to cover all the above-mentioned threats.
Just like biological viruses can not exist, multiply and spread in the absence of an animal host, computer viruses are closely tied to electronic computing systems. Historians are still debating on the actual birth date of the first computer virus, and many of them would dare to place the first malware applications in the mid-1970 timeframe . However, theoretical approaches to self-reproducing mathematical automata are estimated to have started in early 1950s.

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