• What motivates you?
    You must give an answer which will thank the potential employer and have a conection with the job description. So, you can try:” I feel very good when I’m tacking part of a team who works well and it’s happy “.
  • How well do you take direction?
    For more credibility, you can add a comment like:
    “I don’t see how an organization can function well if employees do not accept to receive orders from superiors”.
  • How do you handle criticism?
    “I’m glad to receive constructive criticism … I think is the only way I can learn from ours mistakes.”
  • What is your working style? Do you work in teams? What are your inter-personal skills?
    The best approach is to join your presentation with a brief anecdote about a problem in the team that successfully was resolved.
  • Are you a good team player?
  • ANSWER: The answer should be “yes” and the approach should be like the ones presented before.

  • How do you work in a team?
  • ANSWER: Un example is usefull. In the same time, give an example about a succes on a recent date when you have to work with a collegue who’s intention was to reject one or more suggestions.

  • When you have started in a new team, how have you established good relationships with your new colleagues and with your management? For example, imagine tomorrow is your first day, what would you do to make yourself a part of  the team?
  • ANSWER: Here you can talk about your flexibility and your adaptability, about maintaining lines of communication open, about your respect for other opinions and dedication in the face of what you proposed.

  • What would you do if your superior asked you to perform a task you did not feel competent to handle?
  • ANSWER: Tell them that you don’t have all the knowledge to carry out the tasks required, but you want to learn and do it.

  • How do you approach a typical project?
    prepare the timetable back on the date of finalization, solve all you need for activities to be carried out effectively and timely.
  • How do you operate under stress?
  • ANSWER: You can say that you work well under stress and to give an example that supports your assertion.
  • How do you get the best from being a team member?
  • ANSWER: The types of statements which you can include here would be: communication skills, team working skills, recognition of individuality to each.
  • What were your most significant achievements in your current post?
  • ANSWER: Your’s examples  should be : of recent date, difficult, relevant.

  • What aspects of the work attract you?
  • ANSWER: From this fact may be inferred your style of work, and if you’re a person creative or analytical.