The explanation that the kiss is a gene didn’t match with  scientists opinions, because it is not practiced by all human societies. There are several theories that try to get closer to the memory of feeding breastfeed, or how the ancestors  feed their chickens (see how they feed the birds or mammals chickens after no longer breastfeeding). Although their  teeth are grown, mother persist in behavior just to love them. In support of the idea that the kiss is more learned than instinctive is that not all humans kiss. Some tribes do not do that. While 90% of people kissing, 10% have no idea what they lose. Others believe that the kiss is inborn and make statements in favor of this the evidence that animals practice the same motion. Today I found the motivation that the kiss is to help us out if we have chosen the right partner. When the girls are coming, the boys hormones communicate changing information about how strong  will be the children that we do with that partner. According to LiveScience, for example, women prefer the smell out of men whose genes for some specific proteins of  the immune system is different. This match could give birth to children with a stronger immune system, and with greater chances of survival. Last but not least there is the pleasure explanation. The tongues and our lips are invaded by nerve terminations  that help enhance the sensations for those that are in love and their lips touch.



The great pyramids

The first pyramid was built as the burial place of King Djoser in c.2630 B.C., by his gifted architect Imhotep. It rose in six stages and is called the Step Pyramid. It was supposed to represent a gigantic stairway for yhe king to climb to join the sun-god in the sky. Some later kings had step pyramids too, but in the region of King Sneferu the true pyramid with sloping sides developed. The idea of this pyramid was to create the mound that had emerged out of the watery ground at the beginning of time, on which the sun-god stood and brought the other gods and goddesses into being. The largest pyramid of all is the Great Pyramid at Giza, built for King Khufu in c. 2528 B.C. The pyramids were intended to protect the bodies of the pharaohs buried deep inside them. Later pyramids contained inscriptions of spells to help the pharaoh in the afterlife. Doors of granite and false passages were constructed to deter robbers who came in pursuit of the rich offerings buried with the kings. But by c.1000 B.C. all the pyramids had been robbed of their precious contents.pyramidpyramids pyramids

Malware City

The term “malware” stands for malicious software, and usually defines a broad range of intrusive, hostile software applications. Although there are multiple pieces of software that can harm your computer because they are poorly written or allow easy access to the users’ systems, the term only covers software that has been deliberately designed to disrupt the normal computing activity . Therefore, buggy applications are not malware, since their security faults have not been implemented on purpose.
Malware is an umbrella-term that covers a broad range of harmful (or potentially harmful) software applications, such as viruses, worms, backdoors, Trojans, keyloggers, password stealers, script viruses, rootkits, macro viruses, spyware or even adware. While in the IT industry’s early days threats were labelled as either viruses or Trojan horses, the rapid escalation of technology called for a general term to cover all the above-mentioned threats.
Just like biological viruses can not exist, multiply and spread in the absence of an animal host, computer viruses are closely tied to electronic computing systems. Historians are still debating on the actual birth date of the first computer virus, and many of them would dare to place the first malware applications in the mid-1970 timeframe . However, theoretical approaches to self-reproducing mathematical automata are estimated to have started in early 1950s.

What about  BitDefender?

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The idea of launching the Alonia brand, and his name, he even comes from Roxana Patrascu. “I turned to a game of words made by combining his words with Romania Hello. We chose to launch this brand because we have an infrastructure, a central telephone node, and other resources and know-how.

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Famous pharaohs

THE KING was not only the most powerful and important man in Egypt- he was thought to be a god. He was know as the pharaoh- a word which derives from a respectful way of  referring to the king by describing him as the ” great house” ( per-ao ), meaning the palace where he lived. The Queen of Egypt could also be seen as a goddess but was usually given the title of ” Great Royal Wife”- only rarely did women rule Egypt in their own right. There was an effective system of  training a prince to become a pharaoh, involving him becoming an expert sportsman and potential war leader. Often the ruling pharaoh would adopt his heir as “co- regent” to enable a smooth take- over when he died. Princes sometimes had to wait a long time. One pharaoh holds the record for the longest reign we know for any monarch. Pepy II came to the throne when he was six years old. He was still king of Egypt 94 years later when he was 100. It is quite remarkable in Egypt’s long history that we have only a few references to pharaohs being assassinated, usually as a result of a plot in the court to put a prince who was not the true heir on to the throne.


In Akhenaten’s reigh the traditional Egyptian gods were banished- only the sun-god was worshipped. To break the links with other gods, Akhenaten founded a new capital city and closed the temples of others gods. Queen Nefertiti helped her husband set up the cult of the sun-god Aten and probably ruled with him. After their death Tutankhamun and his successors restored the old gods. The names of Akhenaten and Nefertiti became hated and were removed from inscriptions and their temples were torn down.


This ruler came to the throne at only nine years old. He was obviously guided by his high officials, but seems to have been determined to bring back the old gods who had been banished by Akhenaten. The resting place of the young king Tutankhamun was the only tomb of a New Kingdom pharaoh to escape almost untouched by robbers. It was the last of the valley tombs to be discovered, being found by Howard Carter in 1922. Its contents included weapons, clothes, furniture, jewellery, musical instruments, and model boats, as well as the king’s famous coffins and mask. Many of these items were either made of solid gold or were richly decorated with gold leaf. The king was buried with his two still- born daughters and a treasures heirloom- a lock of hair of his grandmother Queen Tiye.


Discover the great civilization of the Nile valley-from the splendors of the pharaoh’s court to the everyday lives of ordinary people!

Egypt before the pharaohs

The period we normally think as “ancient Egypt” is the time when Egypt was ruled by the pharaohs-after c.3000 B.C. But who lived in Egypt before the pharaohs? In the early Stone Age people in Egypt lived on sites fairly high up on the land above the Nile from the Delta to Aswan. From about 5000 B.C., settlers came to Egypt from Palestine and Syria, from the Libyan tribes living to the west, and from Nubia in the south. Shortly before 3000 B.C., traders from southern Iraq also sailed to Egypt and some, attracted by the fertility of the country, stayed on. Soon these early settlers began to grow barley and domesticate cattle, and to build villages of mud huts in parts of the flood plain that seemed safe from the annual Nile flood. The period before 3000 B.C., has left behind objects such as magnificently carved ivories and slate palettes, as well as fine pots, often buried with their owners in brick-lined graves. To be continued…


  • What motivates you?
    You must give an answer which will thank the potential employer and have a conection with the job description. So, you can try:” I feel very good when I’m tacking part of a team who works well and it’s happy “.
  • How well do you take direction?
    For more credibility, you can add a comment like:
    “I don’t see how an organization can function well if employees do not accept to receive orders from superiors”.
  • How do you handle criticism?
    “I’m glad to receive constructive criticism … I think is the only way I can learn from ours mistakes.”
  • What is your working style? Do you work in teams? What are your inter-personal skills?
    The best approach is to join your presentation with a brief anecdote about a problem in the team that successfully was resolved.
  • Are you a good team player?
  • ANSWER: The answer should be “yes” and the approach should be like the ones presented before.

  • How do you work in a team?
  • ANSWER: Un example is usefull. In the same time, give an example about a succes on a recent date when you have to work with a collegue who’s intention was to reject one or more suggestions.

  • When you have started in a new team, how have you established good relationships with your new colleagues and with your management? For example, imagine tomorrow is your first day, what would you do to make yourself a part of  the team?
  • ANSWER: Here you can talk about your flexibility and your adaptability, about maintaining lines of communication open, about your respect for other opinions and dedication in the face of what you proposed.

  • What would you do if your superior asked you to perform a task you did not feel competent to handle?
  • ANSWER: Tell them that you don’t have all the knowledge to carry out the tasks required, but you want to learn and do it.

  • How do you approach a typical project?
    prepare the timetable back on the date of finalization, solve all you need for activities to be carried out effectively and timely.
  • How do you operate under stress?
  • ANSWER: You can say that you work well under stress and to give an example that supports your assertion.
  • How do you get the best from being a team member?
  • ANSWER: The types of statements which you can include here would be: communication skills, team working skills, recognition of individuality to each.
  • What were your most significant achievements in your current post?
  • ANSWER: Your’s examples  should be : of recent date, difficult, relevant.

  • What aspects of the work attract you?
  • ANSWER: From this fact may be inferred your style of work, and if you’re a person creative or analytical.